NETBibleTagger - Options

On the section of the NETBibleTagger page where you can copy the HTML to paste on your site, you will see that you have some options from which to choose.

They Are:

  1. "Remove the popup when the mouse leaves a link/popup."
  2. "Make NETBibleTagger work with your existing links."
  3. "Override the default CSS and provide your own."

Here is an explanation of those options:
Option 1: The default behavior for the popup created by NETBibleTagger is to stay visible on the screen until the user clicks the little 'x' in the top right corner of the popup. It doesn't care where the mouse moves to. However, if you wish for the popup to disappear whenever the mouse leaves, either the link (that was moused over) or the popup, check the box next to this option.

Option 2: Many sites already have inserted links to,, or other sites for their scripture references. By default NETBibleTagger will not alter these or any other links on your site. However, if you would like to transform your existing links to have the popup shown when the user mouses over the link AND have the original link you inserted still function, enable this option.

Option 3:
setting = true; will cause the default style-sheet to not get loaded. You will then need to copy the css from into your own style-sheet, and make whatever changes you wish.

Don't forget to copy the resulting code in the box after you check the boxes for the options you want.