NETBibleTagger now has a Joomla Module

We now have a module/extension to allow site admins to easily add NETBibleTagger to their sites. Go download the module (for 1.5, for 2.5) and follow the below instructions. They are also included in the readme.txt

  1. Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  2. Choose 'Browse', and locate the file you downloaded
  3. Click 'Upload File & Install'
  4. Then, Go to Extensions > Module Manager. Click on 'NETBibleTagger' In the module name column.
  5. Set 'Show Title' to 'No'
  6. Set 'Enabled' to 'Yes'
  7. Set Position to 'footer'
  8. On the right, choose how you want the popup to behave.
  9. Click 'Save'.
  10. You're Done!