Drupal 7 Module for NETBibleTagger

There is now a Drupal 7 module to make it easy to add NETBibleTagger to your website. Download it here.

NETBibleTagger now has a Drupal module!

If you haven't checked out NETBibleTagger, do it now! You'll be quite pleased with its ability to easily add real-time quoting of bible references to your site. Now, if you like NETBibleTagger (NBT) and you use Drupal, it's now easier than ever to add NBT to your site. You don't need to mess with code or HTML, just follow these instructions.

  1. Download the module here, from the 'Tutorial/Modules' section.
  2. Unzip it and upload it to your sites/all/modules folder.

NetQuote - Drupal NET Bible Quoting Module


This Module has versions for both Drupal 5.x and 6.x. It installs an input filter that will transform scripture references that are in the form of: [bible]John 3:16[/bible] to quote/insert the actual verse text.


  1. Download the module below that corresponds to your Drupal version.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, and upload the "netquote" folder to you sites/all/modules folder.
  3. Login and navigate to http://yoursite.com/admin/build/modules.